Go Groups

GO Groups meet twice a month for Bible study and fellowship.  They are for everyone from Junior Highers to the Golden Group for those over age 65. There are groups for specific people, such as women, or people who speak Spanish, and others are open to anyone.


The GO Groups meet for five months at a time, or ten meetings.  Season 1 is January through May. Season 2 is July through November.  The groups take a break for June and December. The locations where they meet or the group leader may change for each season, but the groups remain the same.

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JOIN A group

In June and December there will be a sign-up table in the foyer at the Revival Center.  There will also be a brochure available with descriptions of each group.  If you would like to join a group already in session, see the calendar for more information or call our office at 559-897-9575.

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ENEMY's ambush

Children in Kindergarten through 5th Grade don't have a GO Group, but they meet one evening a month for Bible teaching and memorization, as well as other activities.

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